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What’s SnapRecover?

SnapRecover is a web-based application that allows users to extract information from specific snapchat user.

What can i do with SnapRecover?

You can download pictures and videos from saved memories. It’s also possible to extract password.

What do i need to start recovering account?

The only thing you need is snapchat username. Simply type the user and choose desired options to start extracting data.

What is the cost of using SnapRecover?

Our service is totally free to use!

Does SnapRecover work with other social media?

No, unfortunately you can’t use it to recover other accounts. But we are working on other and hopefully they will be available soon.

Can i recover account that is someone elses?

You shouldn’t do that but yes, it is possible.

I want to ask something else.

Sure, you can ask me anything. Click here and fill up contact form.